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December Town Hall

  • Parking
    • The Town of Canmore is performing a parking and pedestrian study of Spring Creek
    • By-Law officers will be here more often to complete this study
  • How’s  Mom App
    • We have been using How’s Mom by Safe Keeping since October to communicate with families
    • If families aren’t receiving updates, let them know to check Junk Mail
    • Working on updating so residents will also receive emails and/or text messages through this app.
      • We will continue to send essential updates door to door as needed.
    • We encourage families to download the app, and where residents have provided permission we can share progress notes, vital signs, etc. through the app.
      • Families can also request shuttle bookings and care conferences through the app.
  • Telus TV
    • Residents preferred the slide show that used to be up
    • We will be swapping back to the slide show ASAP
  • Accreditation Canada
    • As part of our agreement with Alberta Health Services, Origin is required to complete an Accreditation process with Accreditation Canada.
    • We have completed the self-assessment and are expecting auditors on-site for a few days at the end of March.
    • This is a very exciting process for Origin as it will make Origin Active Living stronger as a whole!
    • Please feel free to ask Michael, or Melissa if you have any questions about the Accreditation Process.
  • Fire Drills
    • Per Accrediation Standards, all fire drills are required to be unannounced.
    • There will 4 unannounced fire drills per year.
    • As a reminder, if you hear a fire alarm you are safest in your suite unless the fire is in your suite. Please stay in your suite until a team member comes to assist you.
  • Candace Promotion
    • Great news! Candace is being promoted to Morning Star Coordinator.
    • She is still overseeing the companionship program and managing that team
    • The other part of her role is to ensure that services in Morning Star meet our expectations. She will be working closely with Hafiza to ensure team education needs are being met, and working with Sam Foubert, Morning Star Chef, to make sure meal services are top-notch!
  • Open Floor
    • A new projector has been ordered and is expected to be installed in January
    • We are still waiting for the piece for the fireplace to be repaired.
    • A question was raised about the plan to phase out Single Use Plastics. We are switching items to either paper (paper bags, etc.) or bamboo/wood products.
    • Residents would like to have cup sleeves for the coffee machine to reduce the waste of coffee cups
    • Suggestion for visuals in garbage rooms so residents can more easily know what items go where
    • The coffee machine is checked and cleaned daily by Scott and his team. The grinder was replaced early last week.

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