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Meet The Team at Origin at Spring Creek: Keven, Lead Housekeeper

At Origin at Spring Creek, it’s all about the people: residents and staff make it a special place to live and experience genuine community. Origin’s Meet the Team series shines a light on some of the remarkable individuals bringing positivity and care to the lives of Origin residents every day. 

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Meet Keven –  Lead Housekeeper. 

keven, lead housekeeper at origin at spring creek

Keven first started working at Origin six years ago, inspired by his close relationship with his grandfather, who lives in Quebec. As Lead Housekeeper, no two days are the same for Keven, but the constant is his connection to the people; the conversations he has with residents are some of the best parts of his day.

How long have you worked at Origin at Spring Creek?

It’ll be six years in August.

What does the day in your work life look like?

I spend a lot of time with the residents, talking with them, and whenever a new resident comes in, I’m the one who introduces them to the housekeeping team. I do a little bit of maintenance work as well. I oversee our housekeepers, and I maintain the pool. I do a little bit of everything, really. 

Every day is a different day.

When did you first become interested in working with seniors?

I wanted to work with seniors but I hadn’t had the opportunity until I saw that Origin was looking for housekeepers about six years ago. I jumped on the opportunity. Especially since my grandfather is aging and looks like now his memory is starting to decline,  it’s nice to get that experience with older people. 

My grandfather lives back in Quebec, and we’ve been keeping in regular touch with phone calls during the pandemic. 

What are some of your favourite parts of the job?

My favourite part of my job is being able to interact with the residents and see how we impact their lives on a daily basis. A lot of the residents are super grateful for the staff that we have so the residents are the big part of my day, my favourite part. 

How long have you lived in Canmore?

I’ve lived in Canmore for about thirty years. I’ve pretty much grown up here. 

As a local, what activities or places would you recommend to newcomers or visitors to Canmore?

The big thing here in the winter is skiing, and in the summer is hiking. There’s lots of great hikes around Canmore, especially Ha Ling Peak, Mount Lady MacDonald, and Grotto Mountain if you’re extremely adventurous. 

There’s lots of great restaurants here, too. One of my personal favourites is Chez Francois, which is a French Canadian restaurant that’s open for breakfast and lunch. They have the best breakfasts.

What is one thing you wish the world could know about the work you do?

Origin is a great place for seniors to come and live because we provide full time care, and we’ve got great nurses on staff that take care of the residents, and we’ve got a great housekeeping team that makes sure the units and facilities are always clean. We have lots of activities that we provide so it’s a great place if you’re aged sixty-five and up or if you’re experiencing challenges with your health. This is a great place to come live – you’ll be taken care of. 

Thanks, Keven!

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