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COVID Outbreak Declared

3 residents or staff have confirmed COVID-19.

Alberta Health Services has declared an Outbreak. We are in contact with Alberta Health Services and are following their recommendations for Infection Prevention and Control.

The following actions have been taken:

  • Team Members are resuming continuous masking until the outbreak is lifted.
  • Twice daily high touch, and once daily low touch cleaning to be implemented.
  • Shared items removed from dining room tables
  • Individually wrapped items only in the hub, fruit can be requested at the kitchen.
  • high-risk activities (singing, bus outings, large group activities) are canceled.
  • low-risk activities (such as exercise group) will continue with physical distancing and masking
  • The salon will remain operational. Masking required.
  • Foot Care and Dental Hygienist appointments will continue. Ill residents should not attend these appointments
  • Residents encouraged to mask in common areas
  • Residents are to report new onset symptoms immediately to the nurse
  • Visitors should not visit if they are ill, and must wear a mask in common areas.
  • Ill residents will be placed on isolation for a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 10 days at the discretion of the Nurse.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Michael Hay or Melissa Bonner.


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