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Safety & Security

Safety & Security are top of mind at Origin at Spring Creek. One of the many reasons seniors choose to move into a community is because they want to feel safe in their home environment. Origin’s buildings were built with seniors in mind, are fully accessible, and built to the latest safety codes. Origin’s staff are trained and available 24/7 to handle any emergency. Residents at Origin are equipped with personal emergency response alerts in their homes as well as wearable pendants.

Emergency Response System

Origin at Spring Creek’s Emergency Response System, Silversphere™, ensures that residents can get help immediately in an emergency. Our system provides total grounds coverage so no matter where you are on the Origin at Spring Creek property, you’re safe.

Wireless Pendants

Discreet, wireless pendants can be worn around the neck or wrist of residents so no matter where they are they can get help at the push of a button.

Emergency Call Stations

Pull cord emergency call stations are installed in every resident’s room in Origin and MorningStar House. These stations are designed to match the suite decor so they are aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Strategically placed in the suite bathroom, residents will always have easy access to help in an emergency.

Smoke and Door Monitoring

Our Silversphere system also provides smoke detectors and door monitoring in every suite to provide our residents with the added assurance that when they are home, they are safe in every way.

Fire Alarm System

Origin at Spring Creek is safety equipped with smoke detectors, sprinklers, fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguishers, fire doors, firewalls and voice communication systems. Please read the fire instructions on the back of your suite door and carefully review from time to time. We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the location of the closest fire exits and pull stations to your suite. Origin at Spring Creek conducts regular fire drills to monitor the response from our employees and ensure the proper functioning of all alarm systems.

The fire alarm system is automatically activated by any fire condition or by someone pulling a pull station. When the alarm sounds, the Fire Department is notified via a monitoring company. In the event of a fire, do not panic and remember to follow safe fire procedures.

Fire doors act as barriers and are located on all floors. Fire doors automatically close when the fire alarm sounds. The closure of the fire doors creates fire zones. If an area must be evacuated, you will be asked to move toward an Exit behind the fire doors. Please stay clear of the fire doors during a fire drill or whenever the fire alarm is activated.

Safety at Origin at Spring Creek

If you have more questions about safety & security at Origin at Spring Creek you can Request More Information Here.