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Staff Spotlight: Tanya Ford, Health Care Aide

At Origin at Spring Creek, it’s all about the people: residents and staff make it a special place to live and experience genuine community.

Origin’s Meet the Team series shines a light on some of the remarkable individuals bringing positivity and care to the lives of Origin residents every day. 

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Meet Tanya: Health Care Aide 

Tanya, Health Care Aide at Origin at Spring Creek in Canmore

To work as a Health Care Aide requires a diverse skill set and the ability to pivot from task to task, as no two days are the same. Health Care Aides are trained to assist in many manners of care, but there are personal traits that matter, too. Patience, determination, and empathy are all part of contributing to a thriving health care team, and Tanya sets the example of success. With over twenty-two years experience in working with seniors, Tanya is a true role model in the Origin community. 

How long have you worked at Origin at Spring Creek for? 

Two years in July. So we’re just past two years! 

What does a day in your work life look like? 

Our days are quite challenging and busy. We love our jobs. Every day is a different day. Some days are very smooth, some days are hectic, but it’s rewarding no matter what we do. 

When did you first become interested in working with seniors? 

Probably when I was sixteen. I lived in the country and I worked for a lady who I helped cook. She had a nursing home there and I helped her with that. And since then I’ve been working in this job [as a health care aide] for twenty-two years. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

Just meeting the families and residents. Knowing that they can trust us and come to us for anything. No matter what their day is like, they can look to us for comfort. 

How long have you lived in Canmore for? 

I have lived in Canmore for two years. 

As a local, what activities or places would you recommend to visitors or newcomers? 

Definitely the trails, swimming in the lakes and canoeing. I am still exploring Canmore myself, like finding new restaurants. I think I knocked off three or four restaurants already. I keep going back to my favourites. 

What is one thing you wish the world knew about the work you do at Origin? 

The work we do is rewarding. At the end of the day we know we put smiles on our residents’ faces. It’s rewarding. Every part of our day. Knowing that they can all come to us for anything. 

Thanks, Tanya! 

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