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The Harmful Effects of Senior Isolation and What You Can Do to Help

Four seniors site on a patio with drinks at the Mineshaft Tavern at Origin at Spring Creek in Canmore, Alberta.

Social isolation is characterized by the lack of social connections in one’s life. Senior social isolation is a growing concern, since many seniors live alone. A research study from the CDC showed that 25% of adults ages 65+ are considered to be isolated. There are many health risks caused by senior social isolation. Some include an increased risk of dementia, heart disease, depression and anxiety. 

You can make sure that your loved one is staying social by encouraging them to consider the transition to a senior living community. Origin at Spring Creek is a luxury senior living community that has a beautiful facility to call home. Residents can enjoy time outside, use the exercise facilities, take part in activities and so much more. 

Benefits of Community Living

To prevent senior isolation, you want your loved one to receive care and have social interactions. Origin at Spring Creek provides residents independent or assisted living opportunities—ensuring the best individualized care.

The facility also offers many unique amenities and activities for residents. This creates an environment where retirement is enjoyable, and not lonely. One of the amenities at Origin is the Arts & Crafts Studio, a beautiful space to express creativity. Another is the Evergreen Spa designed for older adults to nourish the body and spirit. Health and wellness programs are also included to create an active lifestyle at every fitness level.  

Recommend Getting Outside

Four seniors and a staff guide walk on a trail path near Origin at Spring Creek in Canmore, Alberta

Whether it’s sitting on a patio or doing something active like going for a walk, being outside is proven to benefit mental health. Studies show that spending as little as 20 minutes outside per day increases wellness in mental health. Specifically, it can lower stress and anxiety levels, while boosting self-esteem and improving mood. Being in nature can also help treat a range of conditions that many seniors have. This includes reducing levels of heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes. 

Origin at Spring Creek is a destination retirement facility and is conveniently located in the heart of Canmore, Alberta. There are many safe year-round walking paths within the Spring Creek community that make it easy to get outside and enjoy nature. The community is perfectly placed in a setting where residents can take advantage of the scenic nature around them. Whether it’s hiking, walking or even snowshoeing, there is no shortage of outdoor activities at Origin!

Encourage Exercise

A research study conducted by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre showed that seniors who joined fitness or group exercise classes experienced a decrease in loneliness and social isolation. Origin offers health and fitness programs to suit a range of capabilities. These programs help your loved one improve their quality of life by creating accessible ways to live an active lifestyle. Group classes, fitness equipment and progressive programs provide variety and keep things inspiring for Origin residents. 

Keep Your Mind Active with Puzzles and Crafts

A female resident at Origin at Spring Creek holds up a painting she made in the Arts & Crafts room.

Taking part in artistic activities increases the health of seniors. Art activities can include painting and colouring, music, sculpture, and crafts. Studies by the Institute of Public Health found that art has positive psychological benefits to the senior community. Some of the benefits include enhanced brain function, cognitive reserve, quality of life and self-esteem. The study also saw reduced levels of psychological distress and mental illness. 

The Arts & Crafts Studio at Origin is a space where seniors can get creative by themselves or in one of the many classes offered. The studio is always hosting new and exciting art classes that incorporate different styles of art and help grow artistic skills. Weekly classes include painting and sketching groups, woodworking, singing and more! Origin is a place where residents are encouraged to express themselves through art. 

Additional Resources and Tips for Combating Senior Isolation

Here is a list of activities you can enjoy with your loved one from afar:

  • Share their favourite music or memories when chatting
  • Send them a postcard or care package to let them know you’re always thinking about them
  • Create or join a book club where you both can learn and socialise 
  • Watch a show or movie on the phone together
A senior woman and man walk down the street in Spring Creek Mountain Village in Canmore, Alberta, with the mountains in the background.

For more ways that you and your loved one can stay connected, visit this article about how you can stay in touch without getting on another Zoom call.

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