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How to Decide What Type of Senior Care is Right for Your Loved One

Choosing the perfect senior care facility for your loved one can be difficult. There are so many great options for senior care in Alberta—the hard part is knowing which is best based on specific needs. This article provides a guide to different options within Alberta to assist in planning for senior care.

Aging in Community

The Government of Alberta uses the term aging in community or aging in place to describe the situation of having the support to continue to live independently. Older adults can choose this option when they have the health and social support needed to live both safely and happily by themselves. This option is best for loved ones who want to remain in their home for as long as they are able to without assistance.

Aging in community requires older adults to consistently plan and evaluate their quality of life to ensure they are healthy and have social support available when needed. There are many aspects of aging in community that are vital to consider, including: transportation, finances, safety, spouse/partner, support and services, health and more.

Four smiling female senior residents all dressed in blue and white enjoy a game of cards as they sit at a table in front of a bright, sunlit window.
Keeping your loved one socializing is an important part of senior care and maintaining a sense of community

Alberta Continuing Care System

Alberta has a continuing care system that provides Albertans with personal care, health and accommodation services. These services aim to support older adults with their independence and overall well-being. Despite age, diagnosis or the length of time support is needed, all Albertans can receive continuous care services.

This type of senior care can be provided in different settings including the individual’s home, community-based service locations and residential care facilities. The types of services that Alberta’s continuous care offers include dressing, eating and bathing, meal preparation, wound care, medication administration, and various other health care and support services.

Living with a Caregiver

As there is an increased number of mature adults living in Alberta, many Albertans will become caregivers to their loved ones to reduce costs. Caregivers support the senior by providing a place to live and helping with all aspects of their lives including transportation, personal and medical care, housekeeping, financial management, and social/emotional advocacy.

Being a caregiver can be a challenging job—at times it may be difficult to balance taking care of children, an older adult and a career. If the loved one in your life is able to be independent at times, being a caregiver may be a great option. However, if assistance is required at all hours, long-term care homes or assisted living may be the safest option for both the senior and caregiver.

Assisted and Independent Living in Senior Communities

There are various senior communities in Alberta that allow your loved one the freedom they want with assistance if needed. Senior care communities are an excellent option for older adults who want to live an independent life and are able to care for themselves. Senior communities are filled with specialised facilities with equipment that supports older adults.

Located in the heart of Canmore, Origin at Spring Creek offers both assisted and independent senior care options within their luxurious senior community. The community provides seniors with the care they need to continue living a full and active lifestyle. For seniors who require assistance with their daily activities, home care is provided by Origin’s highly trained staff through Alberta Home Care. This includes assistance with eating, medication, bathing, grooming, dressing and more. Origin focuses on a personalised approach to senior care—understanding your loved one’s likes and dislikes, and working around their schedule to provide holistic care.

Living in a senior community provides residents with amenities to support an active and healthy lifestyle. Origin at Spring Creek provides residents with specialised amenities including an arts and crafts studio, clubs and educational programs, exercise classes and programs, and a spa designed for older adults. Seniors can also discover the great outdoors with Origin’s paved pathways that wind through the neighbourhood.

Two female senior residents and a female Life Enrichment Coordinator walk beside the brick-lined garden beds together, looking at the foliage, lush flowers and a large tree nearby.
The gardens at Origin at Spring Creek are one of many amenities to enjoy at the facility

Memory Care

There are many memory care facilities for seniors who require these types of services in Alberta. MorningStar House offers memory care services that carefully consider every detail of residents’ personalities and care needs to create a specialised program. Working with medical professionals and family members, their dedicated team provides services to ensure residents live a happy and fulfilled life at Origin at Spring Creek. The community is designed to create a safe and secure environment for community members living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

Temporary Care

Caring for a loved one is an extremely rewarding job, but at times it can be challenging. Temporary respite care may be an ideal option to allow family caregivers. Whether this type of care is needed for a break, work or vacation trip, or recovery from illness, Origin at Spring Creek provides premier respite care services for short or long-term stays.

A smiling female staff member in a black uniform hands a male senior resident a form at the Origin at Spring Creek front desk.
Origin at Spring Creek is here to help choose the right senior care for your loved one

Since deciding which senior care facility option is best for your loved one, take your time looking into different considerations. To learn more about the services offered by Origin at Spring Creek, visit our website.

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