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What Makes Origin at Spring Creek the Perfect Place for Active Seniors to Live

Three seniors with walking sticks on a walking path at Spring Creek in Canmore, Alberta

Just like their younger friends and family, active seniors look forward to doing the things they love. Whether that’s swimming, walking, or visiting with friends over a cup of coffee, the urge for moving doesn’t fade with age. 

That’s why so many active seniors and their loved ones are prioritising access to recreational and social activities as part of their decision-making process in choosing a senior living community.  

For Connie Fewster, whose parents Niki and Van Chiftis are in their nineties, finding a balance between ensuring her parents could maintain their active lifestyle while also having access to care was what brought her to Origin at Spring Creek in 2019. 

“At this time in Banff there is no long term care facility available for people who are active and relatively healthy, but who also want a bit of care independently,” says Fewster. 

“The reason why I feel comfortable with Origin is because I think it’s the best place for them to be. Even though they’re active and quite social, it would have been hard for them to maintain that lifestyle at their place in Banff.” 

At Origin at Spring Creek, senior residents have access to a variety of recreational and social activities, including: 

Health & Fitness Programs for Seniors

  • Salt water pool with Aquafit classes and free swim time
  • Training Studio with award-winning Kaiser senior’s fitness equipment
  • Yoga and dance classes at Origin’s Movement Studio 
  • Walking paths, including a short distance to Canmore’s downtown 
  • Guided outdoor activities, including snowshoeing, walks, and hikes.
The salt-water pool at Origin at Spring Creek

Health Benefits of Active Senior Living 

The Government of Canada recommends persons over 65 take part in 2.5 hours or more of “moderate-to-vigorous-intensity aerobic activity each week,” as a measure to improve and maintain general health. Other benefits include: 

  • Improving balance (which could help prevent falling and injury)
  • Enhanced independence (ability to do more on one’s own)
  • Prevent ailments such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers

Water-based activities, such as what Origin at Spring Creek offers with its salt water pool, can be particularly beneficial to older adults. A CDC report on the health benefits of water-based exercise counts improvements to quality of life and decreased disability as reasons for seniors to jump in for a splash around. It has also been shown to be a mood-booster for both men and women, making swimming a move in the right direction for improving mental health.  

More Active Senior Living Options at Origin

Three seniors sitting at a table at the Mineshaft Tavern in Canmore, Alberta, enjoying wine and cocktails

Active senior living can also include opportunities to meet with friends and enjoy time being social. As Amy Sagan, daughter of Origin resident Henry Sagan says, that while they had first looked at condos in Canmore for her dad to move into, “he liked the idea of living in a 65+ building, and now when he wakes up he goes down for coffee and he ends up chatting with people for hours and it seems like he’s doing a lot better because he’s not living completely on his own.” 

At Origin at Spring Creek, residents are not only engaged with staff and fellow residents, but with people of all ages. In times when COVID-19 does not pose a significant health threat to the community, the adjoining Mineshaft Tavern is open to residents as well as to the public. The swimming pool is also open to resident visitors, which Sagan recounts as being one of the most memorable parts of visiting her father before the COVID-19 pandemic restricted visits to the facility. 

“My daughter and I always loved going to Origin to go swimming with him every few weeks. She learned to swim in the Origin pool – he would give her some tips and it was always great.” 

Events such as family meals and holiday gatherings also work to keep Origin residents integrated with the greater community, and provide a diverse range of socialization opportunities. 

Changing The Narrative Around Senior Living Communities

Two seniors stand on the balcony of a suite at Origin at Spring Creek

“There’s so much life and activity and excitement that happens here,” says Origin at Spring Creek’s Life Enrichment Manager, Rhea Funke, who oversees the planning and operations of resident programs and activities at Origin. 

“So often, people think ‘retirement residence’ and the image is negative – nothing ever happens there,” she says. 

“That is not the case here at all – everyone is so active and independent and social, and I think it’s amazing.” 

Funke and her team work to change the narrative of what life in a senior living community looks like. At Origin at Spring Creek, active seniors can enjoy a range of opportunities to explore movement and connect with the community. 

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