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5 Safe Ways to Your Brighten Senior Parent’s Day During COVID-19 (Without Another Zoom Call)

It has been almost a year since COVID-19 changed the way we work and live. For many of us, Zoom fatigue has set in. 

The restrictions around seeing our senior parents and loved ones due to COVID-19 has also proven to be extremely difficult. If you have been feeling especially stressed about your senior parents’ emotional wellbeing and maintaining connection from a distance, you are not alone.

To combat the Zoom blahs and to promote the emotional and mental health of seniors, we have put together 5 ideas for fun, safe connection during these challenging times.

Photo Competition From a Distance

Some of the most sought-after aspects of living at Origin at Spring Creek are the beauty of mountain landscapes, the Alberta chinook blue skies, and spring-like temperatures, even in the depths of winter. The blue-skied views that surround Origin offers serene joy and fantastic photograph-worthy moments.

Why not take advantage of the scenic surroundings and turn it into a friendly game between your family and your senior parent? 

No matter how far or nearby you are from the Origin retirement community, you and your senior parent can capture a photo of a stunning view and then let the rest of the family decide who takes first place, via text message. Let family members take turns in the photo competition, creating a dialogue around what makes each picture beautiful or interesting to look at.

Summer or fall view of Origin at Spring Creek building with Three Sisters Mountains in the background
Plenty of photo opportunities for senior parents living at Origin!

Game Night In

Just like you, your senior parent is feeling the stress of COVID-19 limitations. Multiplayer online games can help take their mind off of the restrictions in their lives and connect them with people they love to spend time with. 

You can still be with your senior loved one by playing an online game with them. Although you might be playing from a great distance, you can chat on the phone or through text message as you play.

Some games to consider are Scrabble, bingo, chess, puzzles, and canasta. If you don’t know the answer already, ask your senior parent what game is their favourite!

Another game-orientated option would be to surprise them with a personalized jigsaw puzzle. Several mail-order services online assemble custom jigsaw puzzles with a photograph of your choice. Choose a photograph that will help your loved one remember a fond memory of when everyone was able to be together.

Pen to Paper Pals

Today’s world is tech-focused, especially now more than ever during COVID-19. Communication has somewhat lost the magic of the written word in many ways.

For your parent senior, letter writing as a means of communication is what they grew up with. Receiving a handwritten letter from a younger family member is sure to lift their spirits.

Bringing pen to paper is timelessly special, especially when connecting with a loved one. Writing a letter to Origin at Spring Creek addressed to your senior parent will allow them to spend time enjoying writing one back. It’s also something they can share with the rest of the Origin retirement community.

There are lots of ways to get creative with your letter writing. Include artwork from grandchildren, or a homemade memory book filled with photos and written messages that say, “Thank you for being you. I love you.”They can then get creative themselves in Origin at Spring Creek’s brightly lit Arts & Crafts Studio, where they can put together a personalized piece of artwork to send back to you.

Let’s Make a Plan!

When the present moments of COVID-19 are causing you and your senior parent to feel unsettled, it often helps to find ways to become optimistic toward the future.

Anticipation can be some of the best medicine. Actively planning a summer or winter visit to Origin at Spring Creek gives your senior parent something to look forward to, and it’s something you can keep in touch about regularly over time.

Alcoholic drinks lined up at a bar at The Mineshaft Tavern in Canmore, Alberta
Looking forward to the day when families can gather for a visit at the Mineshaft Tavern at Origin.

Brighter Days Ahead For Senior Parents

We don’t know when we will be able to gather again, but the light end of the tunnel is in sight. Until then, try out some new ways to stay connected to your loved ones and brighten their day, without yet another Zoom call.

Get the latest information on the COVID-19 safety measures at Origin at Spring Creek or book a virtual tour today.

A group of senior residents gathered for a celebration toast of champagne at Origin at Spring Creek

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