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Chatting with Canmore Artist & Origin Resident Marilyn Kinsella

On a visit to Origin at Spring Creek, you never know who you will meet. Swing by the Art & Crafts Studio, and if you’re lucky, you might just have the opportunity to see world-famous artist Marilyn Kinsella in action. 

An Origin resident for almost five years, Marilyn owns an art gallery in Canmore and has made a name for herself in watercolour landscape paintings that depict the spectacular Rocky Mountains. Her popularity in this theme has found her shipping artworks to enthusiastic collectors around the globe, including to Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia. 

Marilyn Kinsella, artist and Origin resident, sits at a desk painting with an easel in the background with two of her artworks displayed

Today, Marilyn is busy at work producing her third annual “Christmas calendar,” (which refers to the Christmas card she includes on the last page of the calendar). The calendar is sold throughout Canmore, including at Origin at Spring Creek, and spotlights artworks that have been selected by Marilyn for each month of the year. 

The gallery, which is run by her son, also brings requests for Marilyn’s artwork. “Providing isn’t difficult for me because I love to paint. I love what I do,” she says. At Origin at Spring Creek, her life as a prolific artist continues to thrive. 

Moving to Origin at Spring Creek

As one of the original residents at Origin, Marilyn remembers attending a sales presentation for the community before anyone had moved in yet. Around this time, her daughter, who had lived with her for eight years after Marilyn’s husband had passed away, was planning a move to start her own family in California. 

“I had a couple of falls,” says Marilyn. “I had stairs in my house and I got a little bit scared. I thought, ‘I need more, I need to be taken care of a little more.’”

In her transition to living at Origin, it was the little things that stood out to Marilyn as what eased the stresses of change. 

“I was really impressed with the staff learning our names really fast,” she says. “Everybody seemed to know everybody. A lot of people knew me because of my art business, so I felt very welcomed.” 

Independent Living at Origin 

Origin at Spring Creek provides four care options: Respite Care, Memory Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living

Marilyn is one of Origin’s residents in Independent Living, which allows her to live independently with the option to receive extra care where she needs it. Property management and maintenance, housekeeping, meals, transportation, security, and access to a range of activities and events are all included so residents like Marilyn can continue to pursue their passions. It’s about living without the stresses of home maintenance and upkeep, meal planning, or managing personal safety. It’s about being able to do what one loves to do, every day. 

Origin amenities including health & fitness programs encourage residents to maintain an active lifestyle, and facilities including the Art & Crafts Studio offer a supportive community for residents to explore their creativity. 

“I love the studio room,” says Marilyn. “There’s lots of space for me to paint and I’ve got my desk down there. It’s very comfortable.” 

The Art & Crafts Studio is an open space where natural light pours in. There are classes for creators of all levels, with demonstrations for new techniques and skills. From the studio’s kitchen, there’s plenty of room to host a family meal or prepare a dish or sheet of cookies for a gathering. The atmosphere hums with welcoming, creative energy, where anyone can come to be inspired. 

And if there is anyone to be inspired by, it’s Marilyn. She notices the curious passersby when she is working in the Art & Crafts Studio. But don’t worry, she is happy to have onlookers. 

“I don’t mind at all, I like it,” she says. “Over the years, I was often painting in public, so I’m used to it, and it strokes my ego a little bit.” 

Limited Availability for Independent Living 

Marilyn’s advice for anyone interested in Origin at Spring Creek for Independent Living is to hurry up! 

“Make up your mind and come in quickly because there’s not much space left!” 

Connect today to inquire about a site tour and to receive information about active senior living at Origin at Spring Creek. 

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