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At Origin at Spring Creek, it’s all about the people: residents and staff make it a special place to live and experience genuine community. Origin’s Meet the Team series shines a light on some of the remarkable individuals bringing positivity and care to the lives of Origin residents every day. 

Want to make an impact while living in one of the most beautiful places in Alberta? Learn more about career opportunities at Origin. 

Meet Louie –  LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)

Louie standing in front of an Origin at Spring Creek sign

Louie’s story as an employee at Origin is nothing short of inspiring. Starting his career at Origin as a janitor in 2016, he later transitioned to a health aid position, balancing school with full-time work to earn his Canadian LPN certification. Louie isn’t stopping there – today he is working towards his RN accreditation. Louie sees the work he does at Origin as not just a job, but a passion; the Origin community is like family. 

What is your position at Origin at Spring Creek? 

When I started at Origin, it was actually for a different position. I started work as a janitor. I climbed the ladder a bit. I transitioned to health care aide, and I just started as an LPN this year. 

Before Origin, I was working at Tim Hortons, starting in 2013. We had moved to Canada from Barcelona, and there was no program for nurses wishing to be permanent residents, so we applied for food counter attendant positions.

Fast forward to 2015, when a skilled worker program was released by the federal government in Alberta, which we applied for and received permanent residency. After that, I applied at Origin, because it was under construction during that time. They didn’t have any residents yet, but they invested in me. They said “yes” to me. 

I started on night shifts in the janitor position, but I let management know that I was a nurse back in the Philippines, and if there was ever an opening for a health care aide position, I would be interested. 

So about three months after I started, I transitioned to a health care aide position working night shifts. 

Fast forward to March 2021, where now I am working hard as an LPN because I got my license. I am the night nurse. I am responsible for assessing residents if they are in pain or if they are uncomfortable, or if they want to go to the hospital. 

You must know the facilities and the community at Origin at Spring Creek really well because you’ve had so many different perspectives within it.

 Yes, from janitorial, to foodservice, to everything, even security.

What inspired you to apply to work at Origin?

There was a post online. I have some friends who applied online as well. One was the housekeeping manager, who said, “Why don’t you also apply to Origin?” 

I asked, “What is Origin, by the way?”

So he sent me a link to their website, and I found it really interesting because it was for seniors. I actually didn’t realize it was for seniors in the first place. The place was so beautiful. I should say, like very high-end and luxurious for a seniors community. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

To be honest with you, Origin is already family to me. My wife works there too, working night shifts as well, and we have been doing this together for about five years already. When you can see that you’re able to help out the residents in terms of the little things that matter to them, connecting them with family and community resources, answering their questions and just helping them with their activities. We make sure their needs are met, and I’m happy to say that we are doing this in a positive way; impacting their lives in a positive way.

Coming from Filipino culture, I was raised by my grandmother from childhood to the point when I went to college, and then when I went abroad, I didn’t have that chance to take care of her when she was sick. It’s like giving back to my grandmother by working with others who are seniors.

As a local, what activities or places would you recommend to visitors or newcomers to Canmore? 

Go to the mountains. I didn’t start going to the mountains until three years ago. I was such a workaholic, but once I got my permanent residency, that lightened up my load a little bit. For seniors here who are still active, they can take the trails.

What is one thing you wish the world could know about the work you do?

It’s noble. I don’t even consider it a job, it’s a passion. It brings a different kind of joy when you see the seniors’ faces of happiness when you’re able to help them out, everyday, day-to-day with their activities. It’s a very noble profession. I’m just very happy that I get to put it out there that Origin has been very supportive to me and my family, and to all of the team members at Origin. 

Thanks, Louie!

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