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Five Ways Seniors Can Stay Active When in a Retirement Living Community

Staying active while ageing is a crucial part of keeping your mind and body healthy. Psychical and mental health play a vital role in quality of life and well-being. Active senior living facilities make it easier for older adults to live a healthy lifestyle. They can safely exercise, walk outdoors and participate in social activities. 

Origin at Spring Creek helps residents live an active lifestyle by providing clubs, fitness programs, creative art lessons, and more. Origin also offers both assisted living and independent living options. This means that residents can have an active lifestyle while living in a safe and supported environment.

A smiling female Life Enrichment Coordinator at Origin demonstrates to three senior residents how to use an adaptive bicycle exercise machine as the three members use their personal exercise machine in the facility's gym.

Senior Fitness Programs 

There are many benefits for seniors who incorporate an active lifestyle into their daily routine. Not only does it improve quality of life, but overall health as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), regular physical activity is one of the most important things seniors can do for their health. 

When living in a retirement living community, having a safe place to exercise is essential. The health and fitness programs at Origin at Spring Creek are designed to make fitness fun at any level. With specialized equipment, salt-water pool, and two fitness studios, seniors can take control of their health. Origin also offers weekly group fitness classes, providing guidance and support to residents. 

Joining Clubs and Community Events 

For seniors wanting a more social lifestyle, community clubs and events is a great option. Making new friends and unforgettable memories aren’t the only benefits of an active retirement living community. For seniors, social activities can also decrease risk of physical and mental health issues. A study by the University of Manitoba found that the risk of developing a disability decreased by 43% for each extra social activity seniors engaged in. Also, the risk of mobility disability decreased by 31%. 

Three seniors with walking sticks on a walking path at Spring Creek in Canmore, Alberta

Adventuring the Great Outdoors

Getting outside for frequent walks is excellent for socializing and improving health. Studies show that walking reduces some risk factors for heart disease in previously inactive adults. For older adults with chronic musculoskeletal pain, walking can improve pain relief more than other common interventions such as massages. 

With safe year-round walking paths, Origin at Spring Creek defines the meaning of active senior living. Located in the heart of Canmore, Origin at Spring Creek makes active living easy for older adults looking to sustain a healthy mind and body. Residents can explore what this luxury community has to offer and embark on one of Origin’s guided activities. These guided activities include hiking, walking and snowshoeing. 

A senior woman shows off one of her water coloured landscape paintings, one of many ways seniors can stay active while in retirement living.

Art and Creative Activities

Keeping your mind active is just as important as keeping your body active. Using imagination to fuel wonderful works of art is a great way to unwind and let creativity take over. Origin at Spring Creek offers residents a beautiful space to express their inner artist. The Art & Craft’s studio welcomes residents to explore their creative side, or to join one of their many classes. The studio’s art classes are designed to help grow artistic skills and learn new techniques. 

Origin at Spring Creek believes creative expression is a vital part of communication. Origin Expression classes allow residents to practice previous skills and master new ones. Painting groups, woodworking, singing and other classes are available to promote socialization and creativity. 

Three seniors standing around a billiards table smile and play pool and socialize, one of many ways senior can stay active in retirement living.

Participate in Entertainment Provided by a Life Enrichment Calendar 

It’s common for retirement living communities to deliver residents with various entertainment options. With a wide range of activities and events, Origin at Spring Creek provides calendars to keep residents updated on the community. Origin’s highly trained Life Enrichment Coordinators plan exciting events, clubs, trips and educational programs. Whether it takes place within the Canmore community, or within Origins’ active senior living facility, there’s always a fun activity to try.  

There are many fun ways seniors can stay active while living in a retirement living community. Origin at Spring Creek creates a positive atmosphere to help residents get the recommended amount of activity. Origin provides specialized equipment, studios, and supportive staff to motivate seniors to stay active.

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